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The Art Party is a CURATED EVENT and incorporates many genres of art, all of which are are coordinated by specific experts.

Artists who have previously been juried in do not need to reapply, though we will choose the specific work we would like to show.

Artists who have not previously shown in the Art Party are chosen through both the Nomination and the Submission Process, and all work is considered by a panel of jurors in their respective fields.


The deadline for submissions for Visual Arts has already passed. Final invitations will go out by August 15.   If you have been formally notified that your work has been accepted by the jury committee, please go to.

“Visual Art Submissions” page.


 If you are any other type of artist, please go to the

“All Other Submissions” page.


If you were NOMINATED, please be aware that nominations were confidential, and (presumably) anonymous.  You would not have known about it.   If your work was selected by the jury committee, you would have been formally invited.

If you submitted through the UNSOLICITED SUMMISSIONS, you should have received a letter from us.

If you personally submitted and have not received notification regarding the status of your admission, please contact