Exhibit as a Visual artist

Anonymous Nominations by Prior Art Party Artists and Unsolicited Submissions are now closed.


NOTE: ONLY nominees whose work was juried in will be notified.  Unsolicited Submissions will be notified by August 17.

If you have any questions about this process, you can contact info@artpartysj.com, and we will respond as soon as possible.  (Please keep in mind that the Art Party is a volunteer-run operation, and we do not have any staff, so we do our best to keep up as we can!)

  • Returning Art Party Artist AND Newly Nominated Artists

    For all Returning Visual Artists AND Newly Nominated Visual Artists, if you have been officially requested to submit further information, please do so with this form.:
    Start by clicking above on the Mad Hatter, Please sign into Entrythingy and follow instructions. If you haven't previously, complete "My Profile".
    ALL artists please follow directions to upload images of your work now.

  • Nominations

    Prior Participants are eligible to nominate other artists. You cannot nominate yourself, but you can nominate an Artist you don't know, as long as they are alive. Please note that all nominations are anonymous. A panel of jurors will review the nominations, and notify the nominator and the artist if the work was selected. Artists not selected will not be notified. Nominations due by July 1st. Start by clicking above on the White Rabbit.

  • Unsolicited Submissions

    I would like to submit my work outside of the nomination process. While we do look at nominations first, all submissions are considered. If your work is strong, you believe it would be a good fit, and you don't know any of the prior participants, we welcome you to submit this way. Note, there is a processing fee for this category of submission. To start, click above on Alice, sign into Entrythingy, and begin the process. Submissions are due by August 1, but if you get them in earlier, and, quite frankly, we will have a better chance to review with more time.

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