NOMINATIONS (a confidential process)

WELCOME ART PARTY ARTIST. In an attempt to keep what is left of our sanity, we are trying a few new approaches to organising Anne and Mark's Art Party this year. The Nomination process will now start with you completing the form below. As returning artists, you may nominate artists and performers that you feel will enrich the Art Party. The nominee's website is the most helpful, but lacking that, images of their work may also be submitted by you. We, along with an art advisory committee, will review the nominations. If, and only if, a nomination has been accepted, we will contact you and the artist, then proceed with selecting their work, hopefully starting with a studio visit. Our "little grey cells" are counting on reaping the benefits of some the innovations coming out of Silicon Valley. We are keeping our fingers crossed that it isn't a digital nightmare for all of us. Okay, let's see!
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    Confidential rating system: ONE STAR means "I'm being blackmailed to do this". FIVE STARS means "This artist/performer is talented, perfect fit for Art Party and a fun person to work with, to boot"
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  • What do I do if I want to nominate more artists?

    After you push the "SUBMIT" button at the bottom of this form, you will receive a confirmation message that will contain a link to submit an additional nomination.
  • Thank you for taking the time to nominate an artist or performer.

    This nomination process has been central to the organic growth of Anne and Mark's Art Party, keeping the art fresh and exciting for all the attendees. That sounds like it could be a Whole Foods Ad, but it's true!
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