Alexandra Frank

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Calypso, From Homer’s Odyssey Series



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Artist’s Statement

My work and passion resides within the two fields of language and image. The philosopher Wittgenstein stated that language restricts the possibilities of our thoughts because language names what these thoughts can be; he wrote, “The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.” My work takes language as it’s basis, the bones or structure, and it uses the visual to go beyond this structure to explore and turn the words into something living.


Before painting I take my time with the mental construction and language work. I slowly collect and create the language placing signifier upon signifier synthesizing disciplines, eras and ideas, religions and regions until I have my structure. Next I render my images quick and furious but always delicate. I choose to use water color, gouache, pen and ink, and pencil. I enjoy the speed that these media afford to my work; they make me act on my decisions rapidly. I also know my strength and joy is in creating aesthetic  landscapes of beauty, so I paint to please the eye. I do not give visual answers. I try to let my paintings give the viewer a beginning that they themselves have to come and live in to give the image their particular end. This space gives the image living possibilities of significance.