Anne Subercaseaux

First Time Art Party Participant
Reflections on Crossing XXII


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Artist’s Statement

In my painting series, Reflections: on Crossing, I explore the interplay of structural elements with cast lights and shadows. On my commute across the San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge, I have observed the patterns cast from beams and cables onto the pavement surface. This abstract imagery I draw upon for my compositions. Studying the reflections allows me to focus on detail areas within a broader view, seeing the abstractions in closer proximity, the patterns amongst the road lines, and colors and textures of the concrete pavement. I work in oil, layering and moving paint with varied brushwork, and in the process, discover new forms related to the bridge. Working on each painting is a unique experience and challenge. In referencing the realistic imagery of the bridge, I also explore other levels in the process—the space, light, quiet, motion and temperature—elements integral to my artistic experience.


My most recent work comes from viewing the underside of a freeway overpass in San Francisco en route to my studio in the south of Market area. The structural elements, color variations and abstract geometry of forms lead me from capturing imagery in photos to working on a painting for the continuation of this new series. As a teacher of mine once said, it is not necessary to travel far, the inspiration and subjects are close to home. I find this very true, living in the Bay Area and viewing my surroundings.



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Rochester, New York, USA


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