Beka Brayer

 First Time Art Party Participant
Queen of All She Surveys


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Artist’s Statement

My goal as a mixed media assemblagist is to breathe new life into architecturally intriguing reclaimed objects. I find that form, movement and the natural aging effects caused by time and the elements drive my creative process.


My pieces often lean toward, and blossom from the beauty found in imperfection. My work emerges from the rubble often skewed, off balance and in some cases damaged to the perfectionist’s eye. I recognize potential and beauty in the lines, form, texture and color found in neglected, discarded objects. Channeling through my art, I hope to speak to the imagination without saying a word.


With the manipulation of glass, metals, plaster, clay and plastic, I create pieces that I hope will promote mental notation and stir a dormant emotion.



About the Artist

Originally from Ewa Beach, Hawaii
Now resides in Burlingame, California

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