Corinne Landphere

   First Time Art Party Participant 


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Artist’s Statement

My love for the art of monotype printing begins with the knowledge that each piece created is unique. I find myself planning less and relying on spontaneity to create images and colors that develop during the process. While I lean towards the abstract, I am continually amazed at how each piece, in its own way, speaks to a poignant time or place. Colors themselves transform when working with the ghost image, allowing for ongoing individuality. 


Monotype printing is the process of using oil or water based inks that are applied to a plate, then run through a press, creating a one-of-a-kind image on paper. A second, lighter print run through the press with no additional ink is called the “ghost image,” and can be used as a basis for a new creation. The medium allows for endless surprises, particularly when peeling back the printmaking paper and revealing the image. As with any creative process, the more you experience, the more options you’ll discover with this versatile medium.


About the Artist

As a lifelong painter/illustrator, I have discovered a new passion in creating bright, colorful, abstract monotype prints. I feel as if I’ve arrived home when applying the inks and moving them into a one-of-a-kind reflection of my mood of the moment. Whether listening to my favorite music or mentally recreating a special experience, it is all a part of the final piece.