Cristina Velazquez

   Three Time Art Party Participant
Shiny Black Lines (detail)   


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Artist’s Statement

Eat my Trash is the umbrella title and concept for multiple projects exploring repurposed matter revolving on the idea that, until we can eat our own trash, we will still have a garbage problem. The project started as a way to solve the dilemma that grew out of my own wastebasket and recycling bins, and to transform this problem into a visual arts issue specifically by addressing one of the three R’s (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle), and converting the byproducts into objects of higher value. The projects Repurposed Black—Endless and Cells on Plates were initiated by the transformation of unwanted matter into fine art. Setting forth strategies towards trash-matter transformation and possibly redemption on imposed norms is the mission and common thread of my whole body of work.


Memories recorded yet forgotten on VHS film for later retrieval will no longer be visible through the TV screen. The VCR is now one more obsolete object in the land of E-waste. In the endless world of recorded images, with the motion of visuals immortalized, since our memories lack resilience—we will not be able to bring them back. These carefully recorded and edited visuals were stored in black matte cassettes. Their long shinny ribbons permanently etched with anecdotes and carefully crafted movies for entertainment and educational purposes will remain unseen as their existence has now been transformed into a piece of a different genre of art.