Gianfranco Paolozzi

  Six Time Art Party Participant
image (1)Journal – 2008/2016 A


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Artist Statement

“…..i am sure art is life with notes from an accordion and four scoops of ice-cream with espresso on top…..”
Art is life and only life.



About the Artist

Gianfranco was born in a small Italian village in 1952, he was always an artist and musician. He remembers creating art and drawing pieces from as early as preschool, he got his prized accordion at the age of nine. As a young man in the 60s, he sold two oil on canvas paintings to pay for a vacation around Italy with friends and then he experimented with photographs. After his Italian military duty, he followed the love of his life to America in 1972, married her and had three children. The 80s was a full of shows around Silicon Valley. Also in the 80s was his first piece of the collagements series with photographs on plexiglass. The 90s brought solo shows. In the 2000s he really began to expand his presence in San Jose’s illustrious art and music scene. Presently he has officially switched the title of all pieces of art, past and present, to Journal because they are forever evolving until they are sold. He formed the Paolozzi Tango Trio that plays all over Silicon Valley with Gianfranco on the accordion and the composer, Nancy on the piano, and Griff on the violin and viola.