Katharina Holstein-Sturm

 First Time Art Party Participant


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Artist’s Statement

I love to work with various materials: Egg-tempera, ash, shellac and wax, but my palette of pigments is very restrained: many different shades of white and blue, ocher, black and dark red.


The colours, layered, printed, etched and drawn, add structure and depth. Scratchmarks cover the layers, they work against the perspective, draw the gaze back to the surface of the painting.


Like a dance, a back and forth, the painting gets built and destroyed, until an equilibrium is reached.


Colour, structure and Material are allowed to be—in their own right.


My paintings are about hearing music in the silence.


About the Artist

I have always painted as long as I can remember. With a detour into Medical Studies—though there are no detours in life, really—I studied graphics design in Wurzburg, Germany, enjoyed photography and worked as a graphics designer in London and Hamburg, Germany. But the urge to paint never ceased, and finally I became what I always wanted to be: a full-time artist.  Two years ago I became a member of Gedok, a German Women Art Association. That gave me a boost, artistically and in self-confidence. Now I love to exhibit and share my work and ideas—with other artists and art-lovers alike. Having spent time in the US as a teenager, I always like to return—now with my art.


1968 born in Hamburg, Germany
1992 – 1997 Studies of Visual Communications at FH Wuerzburg
1997 Working in London for the Shoreditch Fotobiennale
since 1998 work as Graphic-Designer
since 2003 freelance Artist
2004 – 2006 Member of Artists`Coop S.k.a.m. e.V. in Hamburg
since 2015 member of Artists groups BBK, GEDOK—german women artist association and Remodernisten

has been exhibiting in Germany and Europe since 1997