Kimberly Cook

 Three Time Art Party Participant
My Direction II


Artist’s Website


Artist’s Statement

The impetus that drives my work is the attempt to lure others into confronting uncomfortable issues; ones that I tend to scrutinize myself for. My ceramic work is an investigation that allows me to explore subjects that I find to be awkward in adolescence; ones that have followed me in to adulthood. They are sometimes uncomfortable and personal, subjects that I am able to better articulate through my work, those that could be difficult to put into words. Simplified but realistic representations of animals and children in imaginary folktale scenarios are combined and contrasted with two-dimensional imagery, texture, and color to physically depict a place where childhood play meets adult; as sort of an elixir that is equally suggestive and nostalgic. My intent is to create subtle recreations of human vulnerabilities with elements that keep the viewer engaged despite the often disquieting nature of my work.




About the Artist

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