Linda Steenkamp

 Four Time Art Party Participant • Art Party Supporter
  Read Between The Lines, Blue




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Artist’s Statement

My artistic endeavor is an extension of my spiritual inquiry. I am constantly asking myself, what if humankind came to a place where the wisdom found in one tradition became the inspiration for another tradition? What if we arrive at a place where we look beyond our differences that motivate fear and embrace them as individual expressions of the Divine? What might that moment look like? Would our oneness and interwoven nature be revealed? I am called to reflect this possibility through my art. I am caught by the thread that discretely weaves its way through nature, color, and recycled objects.


One of my favorite materials to work with is bees’ wax. Bees’ wax mixed with Damar Resin has a oblique quality to it which draws the observer deeper into the layers in order to grasp the mystery of the message.


My current series “Read Between the Lines’ was inspired by the silence between the words which constitute language. It is the space between the inhale and the exhale, between belief and disbelief, and between the moments that mark time. We all have a silent space that is connected to each other and the Divine. It is in this silent space where creation starts.


About the Artist

I was born in South Africa and hold a Bachelors Degree in Architecture from The Technicon Witwatersrand. In 1989, I moved to the Netherlands and studied art at The Meerse in Amsterdam. Since 1997, I have been living in the San Francisco Bay Area, owner of Design Wise with staging services, giving artist the opportunity to show art in real estate for sale. With the belief that art should be fun and a way to express yourself, I run workshops, called ‘Art Jamming’.