Nanette Wylde

 First Time Art Party Participant
On Longing XXII


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Artist’s Statement

On Longing is a series of 50 unique monoprints. Each print is a mandala which contemplates and celebrates the natural world. The series takes its name from Susan Stewart’s book: On Longing: Narratives of the Miniature, the Gigantic, the Souvenir, the Collection.


My work starts with a question. Some unanswered phenomenon will go nagging around my gray matter, repeating itself in hushed, slightly obsessive tones until I satisfy it with research—extensive research—and then a response. While it is the research that points me to answers, it is the actual making of the work, completing the project, that satisfies the question.


My interests include language, personality, difference, beliefs, systems, ideas, movement, reflection, identity, perceptions, structures, stories, socialization, definitions, context, memory, experience, change, the natural world, and residue.



About the Artist

Nanette Wylde is an artist, writer and cultural worker making socially reflective, language-based works, generally of hybrid media. Her artists’ books, prints and electronic works are included in significant international collections. She has a BA in Behavioral Science from San Jose State University and an MFA in Interactive Multimedia and Printmaking from Ohio State University.