Nora Dougherty

Two Time Art Party Participant
Parking Lot Campfire


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Artist’s Statement

i’m an artist living and working on the north coast of santa cruz in california. Four years ago, i inherited a dilapidated vintage trailer from my friend’s farm. with an urge to transform and help from loved ones—work. shop.—a mobile gallery was born.

i wanted to create a venue that was intimate, thoughtful and surprising.
a place for art to happen that defied pretension.
i value craft, resourcefulness, and community.
i believe self expression and the act of making to be key ingredients to well being.
my goal is to bring art into everyday life.
to instigate, support and celebrate the creative fire. in the past four years, work. shop. has been a portal for guerrilla art openings, craft circles, campfire film screenings, parking lot poetry readings, and impromptu concerts.


last summer, the trailer embarked on a cross-country art adventure—pulling up to abandoned railroad docks, gas stations, co-ops, and galleries—sharing art and film from santa cruz, and inviting people to work on a cross country project, “a collaboration of strangers—art works from the road.”


this summer, i refined the project, inviting established artists to start pieces before departure for the pacific northwest. Three of these artists participated in a group show traveling with work. shop.— janet fine, felicia gilman and sarah sanford. in this way, passers by could admire their work, and if they felt inspired—they were invited to collaborate on any of the pieces started by those artists..


the idea—creativity is contagious. when people are exposed to good art, it creates a spark. like a good conversation—there is a sense of urgency when art affects us. we want to express ourselves too. this project capitalizes on that spark. where art making becomes the automatic response of the viewer.


work. shop. aspires to be a vehicle for transformation. where art making can happen for anyone, anywhere at anytime.




About the Artist

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