Peter Koronakos

 First Time Art Party Participant




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Artist’s Statement

The everyday stuff and junk we produce and use speaks to me— 
– A twist of wire in the street 
– Plastic toys found in the dirt 
– Paper and photos 
– Rusted steel and old machine parts 
– A wooden spoon from the flea market 
– Bits of washed up and worn smooth junk on the beach 


I am attracted to the history they embody, the patterns of wear and use, the evidence of being part of someone’s life. I find and gather and collect all manner of materials and use them in assemblage pieces, sculptures, and mixed media constructions. 


I am inspired by the works of many artists: 
– The paintings of Francis Bacon 
– The quilts of Nancy Crow 
– Joseph Cornell’s boxes 
– The constructions of Kurt Schwitters and Jean Tinguely 
– The paintings of Michael Kvium 
– The steel of Richard Serra 
I work across the spectrum of techniques and materials, taking as inspiration and direction the world of human existence. 


OTHER Venues/dates to see my work: 
– Open Studios, Santa Cruz County, October 8 & 9, 15 & 16 
– Artisans in Downtown Santa Cruz 


I also make custom pieces by request. 
Thank you for your interest in my work! 

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