Rebecca Bui

 Three Time Art Party Participant
Late Night


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Artist Statement

I am a figurative artist working in graphite, paint, clay and fabric. I find it necessary to work with a model to initiate the spark of creativity that fuels my psychologically charged works of art. The model for my work is selected by insight, a trained eye and intuition. An emotional bond with the subject is achieved through the act of art making. This bond gives my psyche the incentive to sort through endless puzzles. I explore questions in male/female dynamics that are resolved by dipping into the collective unconscious using free association. With the knowledge of anatomy, art history, and storytelling embedded in me from my studies, my images are processed to tell their own stories. I may be unaware of the discoveries consciously until the work is completed and analyzed. 


I have a meditative practice of working with direct observation that balances my brain by harmonizing color, line, and proportion, bringing me into a state of focus and peace. For a psychological cleansing, I project onto my muse archetypal stories that are universal so that in turn, I can contribute to society. I include new ways of looking at old fairy tales and myths with the intention of giving myself and other people the opportunity to look at life in a different way. I’m forging ahead to break the confines of society in an experimental pioneering way.