Robert Ortbal

 First Time Art Party Participant
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Artist’s Statement

After years of being fascinated with metaphor my work is evolving to embrace a poetics of ambiguity and emptiness. My sculpture now summons many things simultaneously but rarely fixes on any one thing, thus forcing the viewer to deliberate on both its familiarity and strangeness.


My work, essentially my thinking or language, takes place in the bending of a wire, juxtaposing elements and the coating of a form. Often I liken my sculptures to complex systems where the interdependency of the parts is essential to the unity of the form.


Line, scale, color, surface and pattern work in concert.


The surfaces I create have a catalytic effect—pattern serves as the focus in some works while stashed away in unlikely places in others. Together these elements lend my exhibitions a rhythm that is light but relentless. The result is an eccentric blend of organic and geometric abstraction spliced together with odd notions of decoration, imagery and language.



About the Artist

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