Roger Heitzman

 First Time Art Party Participant
StrataSphere Wind Sculpture


Artist’s Website


Artist’s Statement

From the beginning of my career in the 1970s, I have been attracted to the technical challenges presented by curvalinear forms as they are displayed in various art mediums. For years I focused on mastering these skills while working primarily in solid wood. The technical competence I gained over the following fifteen years freed me to explore the visual composition of my work through the use of other materials. It has been through the use of these materials—metals, contrasting woods and plastic composites—that I found a much more versatile palette that is allowing me to explore art in motion through the use of accents and details. I strive to craft art while offering a unique visual expression that enhances, yet transcends function.


About the Artist

Sculptor/furniture maker/artisan Roger Heitzman was born in San Diego, California. He received an AA degree in architecture and went on to Humboldt State University where he graduated with a BA degree in Industrial Arts and a teaching credential.


He has been designing and crafting custom and limited edition furnishings for over 35 years in the Santa Cruz, California, area. His versatility in working a variety of materials such as wood, metal and glass has enabled him to create a wide range of innovative designs that have won national awards. He has taught furniture design at the college level and as a master craftsman through Baulines Crafts Guild. His work has been on display at over 25 galleries throughout the country and photos of his work have been published in more than 30 books and magazines—such as Schiffer Publication Series, Taunton Press Design Books, and American Craft and Fine Woodworking magazines. His expertise, unique designs and craftsmanship have built his reputation as a master artisan.


Roger is a member of the Furniture Society, Baulines Crafts Guild, and Santa Cruz Woodworkers Association. He lives with his wife/business manager in Scotts Valley, California.


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