Sam Price

  Two Time Art Party Participant
Collage Dog Portraits

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Artist’s Statement

I have been an artist my entire life and have always believed in the use of accessible materials as part of the instinctive process of creating art. When I was young and could not afford to buy paints, I turned to cutting up and gluing the magazines and newspapers lying around in my studio. I was immediately pleased with the results.


I am a prolific artist and am constantly creating new art. After more than ten years of work in the field, I still enjoy the process of creating these unique collages and manipulating colors and shapes into patterns with my hands. I have been assembling collages of all types and it remains the way in which I express myself most freely. Each collage portrait I create is assembled by hand and contains hundreds of small magazine squares. Every piece of paper is picked to create an intricate and truly unique piece of custom art.


I feel incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to share my passion for dog art with the world. I never imagined that my career would have taken me in the direction that it has, but I have learned so much by studying animals and have aligned my career in a very intuitive manner to combine my personal interests and pursue my dreams.