Tessie Barrera-Scharaga

  Six Time Art Party Participant
Matrix of Chaos


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Artist’s Statement

Art has always been a tool that allows me to decipher and understand the world around me. Art-making provides a space to explore controversial social and political issues, as well as the personal and intimate aspects of life. I can take risks, explore forbidden spaces, push the accepted standards, change customs, and bend or break the rules.


In art I discovered a language that communicates my deepest thoughts and feelings, and allows me to engage with the continually unfolding events and ideas of my time. Feminism, consumerism, violence, environmental concerns, they all fall under my lens. At times, art making feels like writing a story. The people I meet, the places I go, the things I experience, they all open the door to questions; they inspire things within me and become intricate parts of the narrative. In art making I continue to find the means to navigate situations dictated by uncontrollable circumstances. It is the one constant that gets me to the other side.




About the Artist

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