Emily Duffy

  First Time Art Party Participant
Storm Clouds


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Artist’s Statement

Over my years of creative exploration, I’ve experimented with many different media, but no material has resonated with my expressive needs more than glass does. The rich immediacy of color, the way it catches light and alters reflections, the slick, shiny surface, all continue to fascinate me. My thirst for color, along with an urge to keep my hands busy, even if my brain has no specific plan or idea, is what has brought me at long last to using glass mosaic as my main medium. I generally use an Opus Sectile style in my mosaics, cutting the glass into pieces which “describe” the shapes they’re forming, (ie, flame-shaped pieces of glass to create an image of a flame.) I’m currently working on a body of mosaics about the four elements of fire, water, air and earth. This allows me the freedom to abstract the designs and create pieces that both look and feel like the element they’re describing.