Lorraine Lawson

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Artist’s Statement

Born in Liege, Belgium and traveling extensively as a child, the ever changing cultural exposure and creative process has been a way of life for me. Inspiration came in many ways, from being around my great-grandfather’s exquisite impressionist paintings to the abundant visual texture of life and nature. My mother shared stories about Gustave Flasschoen (Belgium 1868–1940) and his adventurous life as an artist. I admired his Bohemian spirit and fantasized about living a similar life. My studio is a magical place where my vision and interpretation of the world around me take shape.


A sense of time, memory, and place is what I aim to convey in my art.


My style reflects a contemporary spin on timeless subjects. Surfaces that are scratched, chiseled, and sanded add to the multi-dimensional essence of the co-existence of nature and humanity.


The effects of natural and human-caused occurrences intrigue and inspire me to create their essences somewhere between representational and complete abstraction. I use a painterly approach to expressing life within and beyond everyday reality.
Symbols also play an important role in my art making. Symbols that convey cultural identity are orchestrated into significant compositions that reflect their origin. The bond between people and place, topophylia, is the result of combining the “texture of life” with related symbols.


My art is the byproduct of life conveyed by years of observing. My dedication to the endless exploration of techniques that best express my view of the world is tireless.


My life experiences and world travels inform my work in a profound way. For almost 25 years now, I have applied myself to learning methods and materials to hone in on those that best suit my artistic expression. I learned the discipline of my studio practice from many accomplished artists and organizations that support my growth. I’ve never felt closer to who I am as an artist than with my current body of work.