Hildy Bernstein

 Six Time Art Party Participant
Prayer Pose




About the Artist

Excerpt from Good Times Weekly Santa Cruz, by Christina Waters, PhD. — author of  Inside the Flame:


“In a show of deceptively undramatic work, dramatically entitled “Love and Death,” Bernstein revealed her edgy evocation of loss and the unseen world of spirits. The work was as powerful as it was minimalist: A boy, drawn in graphite, stood in a nighttime of black and white acrylic with a gun in his hand. Faces, barely perceptible, emerged Etruscan-like out of an empty canvas. Beautifully composed portraits of no one in particular shimmered with a corona of pale disembodied heads. Magic realism at its most mysterious, I thought, unable to shake Bernstein’s tough and tender images. “The faces of the unseen.” That’s how she describes some of the images that seem to push upward toward the viewer from another world.”

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