Teresa Cunniff

  First Time Art Party Participant
There and Back


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Through my work I explore our human regard for other species and the psychic bond we have with animals we may never meet. I use a range of media and processes including sound, video, digital animation, sculpture, and installation to create a context in which the power structure between humans and other life forms is deconstructed and reconfigured. The work capitalizes on the propensity to anthropomorphize other species. It provides a framework in which to consider the abundant legacy and multi-dimensional aspects of our world, always posing the question—what is it to be alive? If our relationship to the living world is not based on a hierarchy of owner and possession, or superior and inferior, a far more complex interaction becomes available, one in which alienation is diminished and the unique vitality and intelligence of all expressions of life can be recognized for its inherent value. The work attempts to allow a transformative experience in seeing and listening.


There and Back: This installation of cast multiples refers to the epic journey made by loggerhead sea turtles, from the Gulf of Mexico to the Canary Islands and back to the very beach on which they were hatched, navigating by their ability to sense the Earth’s magnetic field.


About the Artist

Elmhust, NY


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