Jose Gonzalez

      Two Time Art Party Participant
Polarization 1


Artist’s Website


Artist’s Statement

Never wanting to stop the journey into the new frontier I face my enemy: Life. As a peace of offering I add fragments of my own life to the art that I make with the combination of my two dominant mediums: Serigraphy & Spray Paint. The mission is to blur the lines between the two, and to find the harmony of my past and my present. Taking what I’ve learned through my experiences, I’m exploring new uses for the tools I already have in my possession. With courage I shall push forward into a brighter future.


About the Artist

Currently a student and staff member at Cabrillo College, I have been working on a major in fine arts, honing my skills in many art forms. However, my goals are to get an MFA in printmaking and acquire as many techniques as I can in the field. After taking two years of screen printing courses, I was offered a position as the teacher assistant for the class which I have been doing for the last two years. I am sought after as an employee and assistant at Cabrillo because I am dedicated and I apply my full attention and energy into any task I am given, while keeping a positive attitude and staying humble.