Jonah Burlingame

      First Time Art Party Participant
Another Violation of Common Sense


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Artist’s Statement

“Controlling the Accident.” This is how I approach my work. At inception each new piece has a loose vision, but it is over the course of daily layering of materials that I repeatedly introduce the element of chance, and allow for those moments to impact the final outcome. Each reaction is made from “the gut,” based on 20 years of experience with my self-discovered technique. I am inspired by the challenge of introducing new materials and processes.


Contemporary architectural lines are often juxtaposed against organic textures that are created by suspending layers of paint in varnish. By applying paint using non-traditional painting implements such as window squeegees, 14′ drywall blades, and windshield wipers, my technique obscures the artist’s hand. The build up of these layers are sometimes sanded or scraped down to reveal the layers of the additive process. This creates worn patinas that are complex and evocative. The resulting piece appears polished, luminous and subtly multi-dimensional.


Though the titles of my pieces seem telling, you won’t find clues of implied meaning in them. They are intended to provide yet another facet of abstraction to viewing the work. There is an intentional disconnect between my journey to create the work and the viewer’s interpretation of it. The subject of my work has always been the work itself, so ultimately, the works can be considered triggers to your own experience.




About the Artist

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