Justina Larson

     Four Time Art Party Participant
Eleison II


Artist’s Website



Artist’s Statement

My artwork is non-representational and process-based. It is a result of the media used (wax, acrylic or oil paint, drawing media) the ground (canvas, wood, mat acrylic film), the decisions I make as I begin a work concerning media—color palette, form and line—and finally, both my visceral and intellectual responses to the work as it develops.


My visceral responses inform and guide the intellectual and physical manipulation of the media and design elements. These responses—the emotional, tactile, and “gut feelings”— I have as I work allow my unconscious to play an important part in my art-making process. I value this aspect of my work, as I value the role that the unconscious plays in my life. The visceral responses that influence my art-making are what give my work passion, feeling, life, intrigue.



About the Artist

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