Angela Gleason

First Time Art Party Participant


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Artist’s Statement

The concept of drugs has long been of interest to me. I grew up with alcoholism and drug addiction in my extended family. Therefore, in my early life I saw drugs as evil, a mind altering loss of control. Yet, now I have a friend who has lived with HIV for many years due to the medical advances that have removed all trace of the virus. I have had so many friends that are cancer survivors and some who didn’t survive but lived through debilitating drug regimes trying to win a loosing battle. Now my aging parents bring into focus the extreme complexity of our relationships with medicine.


This body of work consists of giant pill jewels. They are made using the technique of firing glass/enamel on copper. The process, for me, is raku meets jewelry. There is an element of accident and a lack of control that is oddly appropriate for the subject matter of our complex relationship with modern medicine.



About the Artist

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