Margaret Wherry

 Five Time Art Party Participant
Making Moves


Artist’s Statement

The human body has always held a fascination. As a professional medical illustrator I studied human anatomy in medical school.
Now, in my drawings I am more physically and emotionally engaged when seeing the body in motion. I draw from models who are
performance artists: ballerinas, modern dance, trapeze or drummers. In my work I draw these bodies moving constantly, motion
upon motion. The drawing becomes a record of these movements, added,subtracted and reconsidered. Lines arise deliberately
or haphazardly. There is not a lot of premeditation. It is the interrelationship of these marks that implies the motion. The drawing
is imbued with history.


As a printmaker the structured process of creating an image is so different. I often use fragments of my drawings to create etched
or monoprint images which are used with overlaying of collage, chine colle or mixed media.


About the Artist

Born Toronto, Canada, 1946. Studied at the Ontario College of Art, Toronto. 1964-65. University of Toronto, 1969,

Bachelor of Science –Art as Applied to Medicine.


Director of Medical Illustration, McGill University, 1970-78.


Studied Printmaking, Saidye Bronfman Center, Montreal. 1974-78.


Resumed Printmaking and Drawing 1999.