Robert Larson

 Five Time Art Party Participant       

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Walking, gathering and gleaning are at the core of Robert Larson’s peripatetic explorations in the urban landscape. Traversing blighted terrain, Larson acquires the most mundane, discarded and forgotten materials via time-intensive scavenging in neighborhoods littered with commercial detritus. The resulting accumulations of post-consumer packaging records myriad human activities—a telling mix of pleasures, habits and addictions, including the artist’s own obsessive collecting and appropriating. These solitary, meditative walks inform Robert’s inquiry in the studio, providing both medium and subject for his contemplative patterned abstractions about the world in which we live. Larson brings together the mass-produced and the laboriously hand-made, in transformative visual works that examine the nuanced relationships between nature, the urban landscape, consumerism and cultural identity.