Sarah Ratchye

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Artist’s Statement

My work draws from popular and elite visual culture, art history, magazines, newspapers, fashion and art photography, wallpapers, the internet, anything that catches my eye. I shape, cut, jostle and transform these images, or visual bytes, into a shifting collage of chromatic and textural juxtapositions. Space is pulled and pushed around the surface. Movement is in all directions. The subject is within the stylistic disparity and the multiple points of view. Images of the sea, the moonscape, near and far patterns, bits of figures, and fractured objects are puzzled into a discontinuous narrative for my drawings.  


Each drawing holds the original value and purpose of the images to drive emotion and action. However, the translation from collage to drawing, from sheen and colors, to a rendering in penciled black, grays, whites, over textured paper, commands new and unsettled meanings. I am interested in how artwork can distort reason, intent, and power to propose unique space for exploration for the viewer. Art is the catalyst for a new way of seeing, the crazy dance into thick fog, the way out of the existential crisis of the well known. 


Artist’s Statement