Susan Kraft

 Two Time Art Party Participant
Ready to Bloom

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Artist’s Statement

This body of work is my personal search for answers to questions from my past; growing up in newly liberated times, and no understanding why these rights—my rights, were vilified and pushed down away from me. Working on these pieces gave me a way to discuss it before I could talk about it and clear away rhetoric and search for truth in women’s history, my history.



About the Artist

Susan Kraft has shown locally, nationally, and internationally since 1982. In 2005, she accepted an invitation to present a 20-piece abstraction series at the Chow Yang Cultural Museum, in Beijing, China, as part of the China art exchange program.


In 2009, she joined a local board of Women’s Caucus for Art and helped promote women in fine art to the general community. Her work ranged from portraits to abstractions to politically-inspired mixed media. The result was a series that examined implicit gender identification; it became the iconic center of an invited exhibition funded by the Borgenicht Foundation at the Triton Museum of Art in 2012.


In summary, she creates and cultivates synergistic art groups and galleries and art walks, she produced a Talk Art television show interviewing artists and notables in the art field, she designed, developed, and managed a nationally recognized Honoring Women’s Rights conference and art exhibition that created a ripple effect throughout the country.